The Team

j.s. maarten Writer + Director
American, from a multi-national family, Jianna is attracted to places and people that may on the surface seem foreign but upon closer inspection feel as familiar as her own memories. She came to directing by way of writing and acting graduating from Columbia University’s Creative Writing program. Her first time out of the gate with short Dinner With Ana toured over 30 festivals worldwide and took home Best Directing and Best Actor. A graduating fellow of American Film Institute’s Directing program Jianna has directed over a handful of shorts and believes she never truly understands a film until after it's finished.

Daria Suvorova / Producer
A graduate of Moscow State Linguistic University with a degree in linguistics, Daria is fluent in Spanish, English and Russian. She worked at the TV news network Russia Today (RT) and in 2014 became part of the international department of Moscow IFF working with Academy Award winning directors such as Alex Gibney, Louie Psihoyos, and Jean Jaques Annaud. Daria worked at Rock Films a large Russian studio during the production of a $20 million historical epic with an acclaimed international cast. In 2015 she moved to Los Angeles to widen her knowledge of story development and distribution and to enhance her knowledge of collaboration and her own artistic voice. 

Marcin Banasiak - Cinematographer
Marcin was born and raised in Poland. AFI 2nd year Cinematography Fellow and Fulbright Scholar. In 2013 he graduated from the Krzysztof Kieslowski Radio and Television Faculty in Katowice, Poland. Before that he had studied Computer Graphics at the Technical University of Łódź, Poland. His short film When the Light Of Dawn Arises won the Grand Prix at the Polish Narrative Film Festival in 2012. Apart from being a filmmaker, he is an enthusiastic hiker, climber, biker, runner and skier. Filmmaking fascinates him because it is all about turning dreams into reality. 

Aashish D'Mello - Editor
Aashish has a Bachelor's degree in Advertising & Mass Communication from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India. Thereafter, he served as an assistant editor at Apocalypso Filmworks (Mumbai) and worked on more than 30 TV commercials. In 2014 he was assistant editor for the Hindi feature film MARDAANI, which won the Screen Award for Best Editing. 

Emma Sparer - Production Designer
Emma Sparer graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles with a Master of Fine Arts in Production Design; and has a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Florida. Prior to attending
AFI, Emma worked with Architecture partners in the San Francisco office for Pentagram Design (an international multi-disciplinary design firm) for over two-and-a-half years. Emma is avid for visual storytelling and interested in exploring her passion for design across film, television, and digital media. 

Rita Toledo - Story Editor
ita Toledo is a screenwriter, producer and partner at Daza Filmes. She completed her MFA at American Film Institute for Screenwriting with a Fulbright-CAPES scholarship. Rita has a BA in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. For the At Daza Rita conducts the curatorship of the Festival Adaptacao, a cinema project which has been running over 4 years. She loves perplexing and beautiful films.